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Send to ReDome your ideas

3D Modeling

ReDome realizes your own 3D models starting from 2D files and or pictures. It's always recommended to send some references, together with the files in order to describe the project.
ReDome accepts these following formats mainly: .jpg, .pdf, .dwg, .3dm, .ai, .psd, .dxf. and releases models with the filename extension you require.

It's render time!

3D Visualizing

Just tell to ReDome which kind of scene you desire!
We realize your visualizations from these 3D models formats mainly: .3ds, .obj, .dwg, .3dm, .max... and more!
ReDome deals with CGI photography and works on different types of productions: from archviz to product design.

Find the light! Style the render!

Light Style

What time is it?
Choose day, night or studio preset, then help us to find the light balance you prefer.
Take a look at our gallery.

Get the touch! Keep it real!

Get Matereal

Let us know which kind of material you prefer to style and texturize your scene! We can help you with color combinations and effects to match reality!
Take a look at our gallery.

Reach the top!

Final Look

Browse the gallery and find your post production style.
Explore techniques, plug-ins and effects! If you have your own idea share it with us!
ReDome starts from the basic color correction and ends with the most complex photo-editing and compositing to improve your render.
Take a look at our gallery.

Choose your plan!

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